Featured Product: Slimline Duals®

July 25, 2016

Check out our latest featured product: designed for the rider who wants both performance and a classical look, nothing beats our Slimline Dual® performance exhaust system made for Harley-Davidson® touring bikes.


Available as a full system, or as a header system for riders who are already using Rinehart Racing® slip-on mufflers. The Slimline Duals® header system is built with the rider in mind, with a perfect combination of performance and style to maintain the classic look. Offered in both chrome and black, with chrome and black end caps, you can choose which style fits you best. Want to customize your exhaust even further? Check out our MOTO Series™ end caps as well.


Our Slimline Duals® are built to maximize performance, featuring anti-reversion louvers that stop the negative pulse from traveling back into the port, which would otherwise rob your bike of horse power. The Slimline Duals® also offer 12mm and 18mm O2 ports, placed perfectly for dyno tuning and proper measuring of exhaust gas concentration, maximizing performance efficiency.


Performance isn’t the only upside either. We also designed them with rider comfort in mind. The Slimline Duals® are designed in such a way so they actually point the head pipes away from the rider’s legs, keeping the heat away and maximizing comfort, especially over long rides.


If any of this has you convinced or you are already in the market for the best performance exhaust system on the market and want to install our Slimline Duals® on your Harley-Davidson®, check out our Find a Dealer page at https://rinehartracing.com/find-dealer/