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EPA/CARB Compliant Products


Rinehart Racing is proud to offer official 50 state certification of both EPA and CARB emissions compliance for certain touring model slip on mufflers.

In an effort to define what qualifies as emissions compliant exhaust products for motorcycles, the EPA has recently announced that aftermarket parts which meet the legal requirements of the Air Resources Board of the State of California (“CARB”) as replacement parts are also emissions compliant under federal regulation.

Rinehart Racing has undergone extensive testing in an independent emissions laboratory facility which is recognized by the State of California and the EPA, and test results affirmatively conclude that installation of 4” Slip On Mufflers & MotoPro45 Slip On Mufflers for Touring models, and 4.5” Slip On Mufflers for the 2018-later Fat Bob model which do not tamper with the OEM catalytic converter qualify as a replacement part as defined by CARB, and thus are legal for sale and installation in all 50 states in accordance with California state law and US Federal law as prescribed by EPA regulation. These part numbers and part descriptions are as listed on the attached schedule and apply to the following model years:

FL Touring Models:

Model year 1995-2005 (carbureted)

Model year 1995-2005 (fuel injected)

Model year 2007-2020

CVO model year 2000-2005, 2009-2020

California Touring Models:

Model year 1995-2003

Model year 2007

Model year 2009-2020

CVO model year 2000-2003, 2009-2020

Softail Fat Bob model:

Model year 2018-2020