A Closer Look at Rinehart’s Black Finishes (Part 2 of 3)

Black or chrome? That’s the eternal question. In part 1 of our 3-part series we looked at the chroming process – if you missed it, click here to go catch up! In part 2 of this series we will take a closer look at the processes that our black exhaust products undergo.

For our black exhaust products, parts are sent to polish after fabrication in order to remove any surface corrosion, pitting, or rough edges from the metal prior to processing. But the next step is where we stand above the competition and exemplify our unbeatable quality, which is the best in the industry. Unlike other exhaust brands, each piece of our black product is nickel plated underneath to ensure the very best corrosion resistance, and that’s why our black exhausts continue to look new, even years after installation. After plating, the product is put through a very fine and gentle blasting process to lightly roughen the surface, which creates additional surface area for the black paint to adhere to.

Black Muffler Bike on Lift

Next, the parts receive a coat of proprietary black paint that is specifically designed to stand up to the high temperatures produced by your engine’s exhaust. Many people ask if it’s powder coated. It’s not – our proprietary paint is a wet paint. After the parts are painted, they go through an infrared oven process to ensure that the coating is cured and dried, and proper adhesion to the metal has been achieved.

As the finished pieces are pulled off the line they receive their first quality check, and all the first-quality pieces are assembled in Asheville, NC at the Rinehart Racing manufacturing facility. The parts that did not pass the premium quality inspection are stripped and returned to the beginning polish for re-processing. In other words, we don’t accept second quality parts – if it’s not good enough to go on our motorcycles, then it’s not good enough to go on yours.

Black Mufflers Welder

If you’re considering black parts from another brand of exhaust, don’t just take their word about “top quality.” Ask them if their parts are nickel plated underneath the black paint. If not, be ready to replace your exhaust within the year if you want a clean look. No matter what they say, and because paint is porous, no paint protects against corrosion as well as nickel. The next time you’re at a rally, walk around and look for some other brands’ black exhausts and see the rust, the white splotchy spots, the faded color and the rough finishes. Compare that with a Rinehart black exhaust system. There’s a reason Rinehart Racing exhaust comes with the name of the best quality in the industry, and there’s a reason why it’s not cheap. You get what you pay for. And with Rinehart, it’s only the best. Do you want to buy black mufflers year after year to keep your bike looking good, or do you want to buy one set of Rineharts and get on with it?

We take great pride in the finished exhausts that we send out across the world, but just keep in mind that these finishes are not bulletproof. Remember to never use cleaning products that contain ammonia or acetone, as this can damage the finish of your exhaust. Avoid using steel wool or abrasives if you accidentally get that rain suit against a heat shield. Never use brake cleaner on Rinehart black exhaust products.  If you’re having difficulty getting fingerprints off after installation, call us and let us walk you through some troubleshooting methods. Treat your exhaust well and it will provide you with mile after mile of the best performance, the best style, and the very best sound in the world!