A Closer Look at Rinehart’s “Black Chrome” Finishes (Part 3 of 3)

Black or chrome? That’s the eternal question. Why not both? In part 3 of our series, we take a look at our newest finish that is currently offered on our 4.5” Slip-Ons for M8 Touring bikes. If you missed the first two parts of the series, you can catch up here:

Part 1: Chrome

Part 2: Black

While black and chrome make up the majority of the products we offer, we have recently added a special edition finish to our popular 4.5” DBX45 Slip-On mufflers to match the gloss black finish on the OE exhaust for CVO models. This finish is currently exclusive to Rinehart, and we are the only brand in the industry offering this finish.

Black Chrome Slip-Ons

While we call this finish “Black Chrome,” because of the mirror-like black finish featured on the parts, the process is actually called “PVD”, which stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. It is a process which vaporizes metals and binds them on a substrate surface in layers, inside of a heated vacuum chamber. In short, this is right up there with rocket science. It is also very complicated and costly, which is why you only see PVD-coated parts from the Motor Company on the standard CVO models. We developed these slip-ons to perfectly match Harley’s plating color so that riders can upgrade the sound and performance of their motorcycle while maintaining the stock headpipe on the bike.

In addition to looking great on CVOs, the PVD coating is notorious for being extremely durable. In fact, this finish is often applied to surgical tools and industrial cutting tools because of the longevity it helps provide.

PVD Install

In addition to our suppliers doing a quality check on the exhaust products, each part is examined no less than four times at the manufacturing facility: once at the receiving dock, again at the initial assembly process, during assembly, and then on final cleaning before being packaged. No other brand in the industry can tell you with assurance that 100% of their parts are checked for premium quality standards that many times! Other brands may let second-quality parts by or even sell them as a “scratch and dent,” but we have taken a stance to never put our name on anything that’s not premium, first quality, and the best in the industry. Any products we find that don’t meet our tight specification standards are pulled out, sent back through a process, or destroyed. Finally, all of our assembled exhaust products are cleaned, wiped down by hand, and given one more look over before being wrapped and packaged up for shipping to your door or your nearby dealership.

We take great pride in the finished exhausts that we send out across the world, but just keep in mind that these finishes are not bulletproof. Remember to never use cleaning products that contain ammonia or acetone, as this can damage the finish of your exhaust. Avoid using steel wool or abrasives if you accidentally get that rain suit against a heat shield. Treat your exhaust well and it will provide you with mile after mile of the best performance, the best style, and the very best sound in the world!