Air Cleaners

The ultimate addition to your Rinehart performance package, the Moto Series Inverted air cleaners deliver uninhibited airflow to match your free-flowing exhaust. CNC milled from aircraft grade billet aluminum and designed with integrated breather passages, machined venturi intake and an oilless stainless mesh air filter, Rinehart Racing® air cleaners are the complete package. Get rid of those external breathers hoses, filters or weeping breather bolts and replace your stock restrictive filter with an easy-to-install performance air cleaner from Rinehart Racing.

Air Cleaners

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rinehart racing Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner

Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner


For riders looking to get the absolute best performance from their Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner is the perfect complement to Rinehart Racing exhaust systems and slip-on mufflers. Packed with patented technology and precision engineering, the Air Cleaner drastically improves airflow over stock filters and delivers uncompromising performance.

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