Full Systems and Headers

Rinehart Racing® full system exhausts transform the look, performance and sound of your Harley-Davidson or Indian motorcycle. By creating a balanced, uninhibited exhaust flow, Rinehart Racing headers allow your motor to perform at its best. Every system is equipped with 12mm and 18mm O2 ports for seamless integration with your factory O2 sensors and allows for easy tuning using the latest in fuel tuners from all the top manufacturers. If classic looks, unmistakable sound and heart-pounding performance is what you are looking for, Rinehart Racing Slimline Duals®, Xtreme True Duals, Classic Duals or True Duals will deliver. Full exhaust systems can be paired with the Rinehart Racing Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner and your choice of fuel tuners for the ultimate performance package.

Full Systems / Headers

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Harley Touring Slimline Duals

Slimline Duals Header Kit for Harley Touring


Complete your exhaust system upgrade with with a Rinehart Racing® Slimline Dual® Header Kit. This kit is the perfect solution for riders who want to add a header system to a Harley-Davidson Touring bike that is already equipped with slip-on mufflers. Add the headers to your ride for a blast of bottom-end performance and classic good looks.

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Slimline Duals Exhaust for Harley Touring


Give your Harley-Davidson Touring model a boost in the torque and horsepower department with Rinehart Racing’s Slimline Duals. This system is designed for a blast of bottom-end performance while providing a classic look. Available in several full system combinations or as a header kit only, making it the perfect solution for riders who want to add a header system to a bike already equipped with Slip-on mufflers.

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XTremes True Duals Harley Touring

Xtreme True Duals for Harley Touring


For those that want the absolute best, Rinehart Racing Xtreme True Duals integrate all of our proprietary exhaust technologies into a single system that delivers boosts in torque and horsepower, all the while routing the heat away from both rider and passenger.

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2-into-1 Exhaust for Harley Touring


Step up your Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle’s performance with the best performing 2-into-1 system in the industry. Boost your low-, mid-, and high-end torque and horsepower while also giving your bike a classic, sleek look and the Rinehart sound that we’re known for.

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harley Classic Duals

Classic Duals Exhaust for Harley Touring


Enjoy a traditional bagger look on a late model Twin Cam Touring motorcycle where the rear header wraps down the left side of the bike. This header system combines Rinehart Racing’s stepped header technology that will give your Harley-Davidson Touring motorcycle the performance and sound it deserves. Because this system is a classic head pipe routing, the header system results in a true dual exhaust, with no crossover or balance tube.

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95-08-True-Dual Harley Touring

95-08 True Dual Exhaust for Harley Touring


Created and designed with years of NASCAR and IndyCar experience, our True Duals combine a multi-stepped header design and anti-reversion louvers. Get the most out of your Harley-Davidson touring motorcycle with this classic looking system engineered for pure performance.

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2-Into-1 Exhaust for Harley Softail


The same race-proven technology and design that made the big touring bikes faster are also available for your Harley-Davidson Softail. The 2-Into-1 system gives you power, performance, and sound in a classic, proven, single-muffler design.

2018-Later Fitment Guide:

  • Fitment 1: Deluxe, Slim, Street Bob, Low Rider, Fat Bob
  • Fitment 2: Heritage, Fat Boy, Breakout, Sport Glide
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harley Dyna 2 Into 1

2-Into-1 Exhaust for Harley Dyna


You own what is arguably the best-handling Harley of them all. Make it perform to its maximum capacity with a Rinehart Racing 2-Into-1 exhaust system. Utilizing the same stepped headers, anti-reversion louvers, and baffles as our touring systems, give your Dyna low-, mid-, and high-end torque boosts to achieve the ultimate in performance.

*12mm Bung adapter kit required for 2012 – 2017 models 

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Rinehart 2-Into-2 Exhaust for Harley Softail Chrome with Black End Cap

2-Into-2 Exhaust for Harley Softail


Offering maximum performance in a compact system, the Rinehart Racing 2-into-2 Exhaust for Harley-Davidson Softail models combines proven technology with an unmistakable sound.

Relocation kit required for 2018-Later Mid-control models


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Harley Softail Churchill

2-Into-2 Churchill Exhaust for Harley Softail


Use less road, make more noise. A classic straight pipe look with modern performance technology, the Churchill 2-Into-2 system features Rinehart Racing’s proven stepped header and anti-reversion louver technology for maximum performance, a deep, throaty rumble, and old-school looks.

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harley Dyna 2 into 2

2-Into-2 Exhaust for Harley Dyna


Utilizing Rinehart Racing’s patented stepped header design and anti-reversion louver technology, these 2-Into-2 systems offer unmatched performance and maximum power for your Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycle. Give your Dyna the deeper, throaty rumble it deserves.

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harley Dyna crossback

Cross Backs Exhaust for Harley Dyna


Rinehart’s most powerful and twisted design, Cross Backs deliver double-stepped headers that empty into a 2.5” muffler, throwing out maximum torque and horsepower. Give your Harley-Davidson Dyna unparalleled performance gains with the most powerful 2-Into-2 system in the industry.

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