Harley Dyna

HD Dyna

3in Slip-On Dyna

3″ Slip-On Exhaust for Harley Dyna


Rinehart Racing, the leader in Harley-Davidson® Touring slip-on exhaust, now delivers the same sound performance and quality upgrade for your Dyna motorcycle. Open up your bike’s airflow and give your Dyna Rinehart’s distinct rumble and roar that stands above the competition.

harley Dyna 2 Into 1

2-Into-1 Exhaust for Harley Dyna


You own what is arguably the best-handling Harley of them all. Make it perform to its maximum capacity with a Rinehart Racing 2-Into-1 exhaust system. Utilizing the same stepped headers, anti-reversion louvers, and baffles as our touring systems, give your Dyna low-, mid-, and high-end torque boosts to achieve the ultimate in performance.

*12mm Bung adapter kit required for 2012 – 2017 models 

harley Dyna 2 into 2

2-Into-2 Exhaust for Harley Dyna


Utilizing Rinehart Racing’s patented stepped header design and anti-reversion louver technology, these 2-Into-2 systems offer unmatched performance and maximum power for your Harley-Davidson Dyna motorcycle. Give your Dyna the deeper, throaty rumble it deserves.

harley Dyna crossback

Cross Backs Exhaust for Harley Dyna


Rinehart’s most powerful and twisted design, Cross Backs deliver double-stepped headers that empty into a 2.5” muffler, throwing out maximum torque and horsepower. Give your Harley-Davidson Dyna unparalleled performance gains with the most powerful 2-Into-2 system in the industry.

Rinehart Racing 2.5 Standard End Caps Black and Chrome

2.5″ Standard End Cap


Change up the look of your Rinehart full system with 2.5” Standard End Caps for Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna models.


Bung Adapter Kit


12mm-18mm Bung Adapter Kit