Harley Sportster

The Harley-Davidson Sportster has been on the racetrack since its inception back in the 1950’s and ever since, companies and race teams have managed to get big power and stunning performance out of Harley’s small but mighty motor. Rinehart Racing has developed a line of exhaust systems and slip-ons that both complement the Sportster’s styling while feeding into its racing heritage. From full system exhausts like the Fasttracks and Cross Backs to our 3” slip-on mufflers and Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner, Rinehart Racing has a pipe to fit your ride and your passion for performance.

HD Sportster

3in Slip-On Sportster

3″ Slip-On Exhaust for Harley Sportster


Based on the Touring Slip-Ons that Rinehart Racing is known for, these 3” Slip-On mufflers for Harley-Davidson Sportsters are an easy and effective upgrade for your motorcycle. Give your bike Rinehart’s distinct rumble and roar that stands out in a crowd, while also opening up airflow and increasing performance.

*Does not fit models with muffler mounted balance tube

Harley Sportster Cross Backs

Cross Backs Exhaust for Harley Sportster


Combine the performance of a Rinehart Racing system with the agility of your Sportster to create a white knuckle riding experience. The unique over-under design not only enhances the look of your motorcycle, but also provides higher horsepower and torque gains than any other system.

rinehart racing Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner

Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner


For riders looking to get the absolute best performance from their Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the Moto Series Inverted Air Cleaner is the perfect complement to Rinehart Racing exhaust systems and slip-on mufflers. Packed with patented technology and precision engineering, the Air Cleaner drastically improves airflow over stock filters and delivers uncompromising performance.


Bung Adapter Kit


12mm-18mm Bung Adapter Kit