NEW: Black Chrome Slip-Ons for Harley CVO Models

The Harley-Davidson CVO lineup deserves special treatment. That's why we created our "Black Chrome" Slip-Ons, featuring a special finish made to perfectly match your M8 CVO! Based on our popular 4.5" Slip-Ons featuring our proprietary DBX baffles, these mufflers are sure to enhance your riding experience!

What is Black Chrome?

Our Black Chrome Slip-Ons feature a PVD finish, which stands for Physical Vapor Deposition. This is a high tech process that applies a coating over polished and nickel chromed steel canisters, all in a vacuum environment. The coating is extremely hard and therefore provides excellent scratch resistance, and is colorfast over time. This is the same process used in many luxury watches, surgical tools, and other high end items. We chose to create a line of slip-ons with this finish because it perfectly matches the finish on Harley's stock headers on the CVO models.

Black Chrome Slip-Ons

About the Slip-Ons

Aside from the Black Chrome finish, these are slip-ons are built around our 4.5" muffler body, which gives your bike a louder, bass heavy tone that never sounds muffled or flat. Inside, our proprietary DBX baffle is engineered to increase and enhance the sound of the M8 engine while providing a free-flowing exhaust with the perfect amount of backpressure, unlocking both horsepower and torque. The slip-ons are finished off with our popular Tradition end caps, and simply put, these slip-ons are a major upgrade in both performance and sound, with a perfect aesthetic finish.

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