This is it, the moment so many of you Indian riders have been waiting for…our first-ever header kits for Indian Cruiser, Bagger, and Touring bikes!

Now Indian riders will be able to complete their setup and give their bike the ultimate in performance, style, and sound. In combination with Rinehart slip-on mufflers, the Slimline Duals® deliver a blast of torque and horsepower, outgunning all other exhausts currently on the market.

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Once again these performance gains as recorded on the dynamometer can be traced back to innovative designs and the use of high quality materials. The one-piece casting on the front and rear inlets significantly improve exhaust flow out of the motor, creating a superior scavenging effect and improving performance. A specially designed power chamber supplies equalization of back pressure to front and rear cylinders, which greatly improves bottom end power and torque.

Performance was not the only objective of the Rinehart R&D team, however. By fitting the headers closer to the bike, Rinehart’s Slimline Duals® system keeps heat away from rider and passenger legs and provides a more comfortable riding experience. The placement of the headers also allows for more ground clearance compared to the stock headers.

The two piece design makes for easy installation, and each pipe features 12mm and 18mm O2 ports for optimum tunability with either a narrow or wide band tuner. The Slimline Duals® were specially designed to mate up to the Rinehart Racing Slip-On mufflers for a high performing and head turning full system. This means that the headers and mufflers can be purchased and installed all at once, while bikes already equipped with a Rinehart muffler can simply be upgraded with the headers.

The Slimline Duals® are offered in chrome or black finish, and are currently available for 2014-Later Indian Roadmaster, Dark Horse, Classic, Vintage, and Chieftain models.

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