Aaron, AKA “Moose”, is one of Rinehart’s most senior employees and the hands behind our Research and Development Department. Moose works shoulder to shoulder with CEO Judd Hollifield designing, fabricating and testing the prototypes that eventually end up on thousands of Harleys and Indians all over the world. Not only does he captain our R&D department, but he also helps manage our warehouse, can operate any piece of machinery or tool in our arsenal, and if you have ever had an exhaust installed at an event or just stopped by our truck, you would have seen him in the trenches turning wrenches. When event season rolls around Moose rolls up his sleeves and is the first guy on the ground and the last one to leave, making sure our Rinehart Family of riders is taken care of.

But aside from fabing up exhausts and installing pipes at events Moose he also carries with him a personality and reputation larger than life itself. After over eight consecutive years at Sturgis and Daytona he could be considered royalty at these events. After long days sweating it out installing exhausts under the Rinehart awning he, and the rest of the Rinehart crew venture out into the night to make their rounds.


With almost a decade of attendance with one of the biggest names in the aftermarket, you tend to make friends, and boy does Moose have friends. Standing at a cool 6’4” and a hearty 300lbs Moose is hard to miss and everywhere that red beard of his can be seen you are sure to hear the familiar call of the wild, “MOOOOOOOSSSSSEEEEE!!!!!”. These calls are generally followed up by a round of Buds, some friendly conversation chalked full of well-meaning expletives and always followed up with a rib-crushing hug.


With a personality worthy of an audience with the Pope and a general sunny disposition it isn’t hard to believe why Moose is as popular as he is both at home here in Asheville, NC and across the country. Next time you see our Rinehart Racing flags flying above our truck make sure to stop in and say hello, or better yet, buy him a cold Bud. You can bet it will be appreciated!