Carbon Fiber Wheels

Part Number: W10-3500
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The next evolution in performance products from Rinehart Racing is here.

From the racetrack to your motorcycle, Rinehart Racing Carbon Fiber Wheels deliver the peak of performance in any situation. Incredibly strong, unbelievably light-weight, Rinehart Carbon Fiber Wheels will leave you speechless with the effect it has on your American V-Twin motorcycle.

  • Rinehart Racing’s carbon fiber wheels are up to 60% lighter than an aluminum alloy wheel.
  • Our super-light, beautifully woven carbon fiber construction is engineered for optimal strength and stiffness, with the added benefit of diminishing road noise and dampening vibration for increased comfort.
  • SAFER – one single test wheel is used to pass the entire range DOT E and JWL testing regimens while aluminum wheel manufacturers use a new wheel for each of the individual test parameters – because their wheel is unusable after each individual test.
  • Our wheels dramatically reduce unsprung weight and wheel inertia, thereby boosting acceleration, braking effectiveness and overall responsiveness, while delivering improved cornering, handling and control.
  • Rinehart’s carbon fiber wheels heighten your entire riding experience - you can actually feel the difference.


Wheel Spec Drawings:

W10-3500 TWIN TEK 19 x 3.5 FRONT

W10-5500 TWIN TEK 18 x 5.5 REAR

W20-3500 TORQUE TEK 19 x 3.5 FRONT

W20-5500 TORQUE TEK 18 x 5.5 REAR

Overview Specs

  • Fits Harley-Davidson Touring models - 2014 and later.
  • Fits Harley-Davidson Low Rider S & ST 2020-Later
  • Fits Indian Challenger
  • Spoke Mounted Hubs
  • Bearings and brakes not included, requires separate purchase.
  • Please contact our sales support team for additional questions.
  • Depending on the model year, an aftermarket rotor may need to be purchased
  • Custom Colors Available. Please call 877-264-8282 to inquire.